James Hollingsworth


“The People’s Lawyer!” (his wife’s words)

A property solicitor by training, with extensive management experience, James is convinced that law firms need to ‘up their game’ in delivering services to private clients and is determined that Laurus London will lead the revolution!

Laurus London has been founded to deliver accessible legal expertise by highly skilled, motivated, and happy staff.

“Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. Transaction times need to be reduced, communication needs to be improved, clients need to know what is going on – and other professionals need to be fully engaged in every part of the process”.

As for pastimes, James recently retired from golf after the arrival of his son, Jack. He hopes to make a comeback, one day…

Hansa Pindolia

Head of Administration

Coolness personified

A true master of all trades, Hansa runs the administration of the practice and keeps the business moving along its ambitious trajectory.

Hansa takes ultimate pride in keeping Laurus running like a well-oiled machine, with staff and client welfare at its heart.

Issues are always dealt with promptly, openly, and without a fuss. The Laurus way.

At home, Hansa spends time in the garden, and runs her household with similar efficiency!

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